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Coaching is about helping someone make progress towards realizing their full potential in a way that’s most effective for them. Rather than giving advice, the coach facilitates this process of discovery, articulation, commitment, and follow-through.

Coaching for Leaders

Is a training class in the core skills of coaching, set in a leadership context;

  • Setting up a coaching agreement and the GROW model.

  • Establishing and maintaining rapport.

  • Listening and questioning.

  • Feedback and difficult conversations.


In global business leaders today, we’re seeing a growing demand for leadership coaching skills training, especially for leaders competing for talent in fast growing environments. This program builds competencies to get the maximum value from a coaching conversation, whether that is as manager to direct report, peer to peer, or coach to individual.

Structure of Coaching Essentials

Module 1

Introduction + GROW model

Module 3

Listening and questioning skills.

Module 5

Manager as coach.

Module 2

Establishing & maintaining rapport.

Module 4

Feedback and difficult conversations.

Module 6

Putting it all together, Coaching simulations


Growth, Opportunity, Leadership.
Lisa Foulger

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